Projection's AllowList is not working

I am working on OpenShift platform and trying to use the projection option in my Mongo sink connector (v 1.6).
The BlockList is working as expected, however, when I change the type to AllowList no message is been transferred…

Example of my blockList configuration:
post.processor.chain: com.mongodb.kafka.connect.sink.processor.BlockListValueProjector
value.projection.type: BlockList
value.projection.list: name

When I send to my topic the message: { “name”: “myName”, “age”: “myAge” }
the final message in my mongo database is { “age”: “myAge” }.

When I change those fields to:
post.processor.chain: com.mongodb.kafka.connect.sink.processor.AllowListValueProjector
value.projection.type: AllowList
value.projection.list: name

when I send to my topic the message: { “name”: “myName”, “age”: “myAge” }
no message is being transferred at all to my mongo database…
Can you think about potential causes to this problem?

@Ross_Lawley Hi you haven’t replied, could you please help me?