Progress not updating?

I completed the last lab 1.7 but it is not updating when I look at my progress chart?

Hi gerald_50282,

I looked into this, it seems like your answer was incorrect for Lab 1.7 :frowning:

Thats why, in Progress bar, it is showing 0%.

Hope it helps!


Yeah but it is not allowing me to go back and correct the answer?
How can I get past this? I know can see the correct answer here but I never get the green button to say proceed it just says correct and no button to proceed?

Hi gerald_50282,

You can use the left panel to move to the next Lecture. You can just click on the next lecture Lecture: Understanding JSON. See this:

Yes I have done that and I have watched the video for understanding json. It is stuck on the quiz? I have the correct answer and it says correct but no button to proceed and not updating my progress?

Oh! That means you are done with Chapter 1, if you have done all the lessons, quiz and labs.

Chapter 2 will unlock on Oct 16, 17:00 UTC.

You can always visit: Syllabus section

Thanks, Kanika

OK thanks I just expected if I was done with the labs then the progress would have updated to say that it was completed?

Even though I have answered the last quiz correctly now I still see this in my progress?

Lab 1.7: Scavenger Hunt, Part 3

  • Assignment Ends:
  • 04d:23hr:26m
  • Oct 16, 17:00 UTC

Problem score: 0/1

I have a similar error. My labs are all complete, however Homework average is only 54% even though all labs completed successfully. Have I finished? I have a problem score of 1/1 for each section, however the questions were answered correctly…? Not sure if I have finished or not?

Same as Claire. I noticed there are some empty bars on the graph which are related to some chapter 2 labs, so the % stops at 54%, even if the Chapter 1 quizzes and labs were all done; I assume the problem is there.

Hi gerald_50282,

It seems like you have failed Lab1.7.

If you have not attempted or have failed your any graded assignment, then your progress bar will display NO BAR. It just means 0 for that very lab.

Hope it helps!


Hi Claire_82230, Ilaria_23323,

First, Good going!

54% is the Total Score for your course. You have just finished with Chapter 1 which is until Lab1.7. The Progress bar is not just for 1 Chapter, it shows the progress as a whole.
As you will progress with Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, you will see your Grade increase.

I hope you receive 100% for the course! Good Luck!

Hope it helps!


HI, how come I could not go back and make the correction for 1.7 so that I could get credit?

Hi gerald_50282,

For most of the Labs, you might have got 3 chances. But unfortunately, you have missed :frowning:
There is nothing you can do now.

Better luck in next Chapter :slight_smile: