Process to upgrade from mongo 4.4.0 to latest 4.4.8

Hi to everyone

I have installed and configured correctly on a Linux machine the version 4.4.0 of Mongo from the repository that I have added according to the documentation to carry out the installation process.
The repository itself is$releasever/mongodb-org/4.4/x86_64/

I need to update to the latest version of mongo 4.4.x which is 4.4.8. My question is, how do I go about this process?

Would you have to launch a yum install -y mongodb-org-4.4.8 mongodb-org-server-4.4.8 mongodb-org-shell-4.4.8 mongodb-org-mongos-4.4.8 mongodb-org-tools-4.4 .8 for upgrade version of mongoDB?

Thank you very much in advance.