Process of hiring experts from the community

Hi guys,

i wanted to post a hiring post to “About the community / Careers”, but I was not able to do so, because I had to select at least 1 tag but there is no any, not even ones referred to elsewhere like: “looking-for-work” or “hiring”.
Also, keeping such post open only for a very short time is I think not the best, pls. keep it open much longer if possible.
For example this one was closed after 3 days:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @Vane_T,

I believe I’ve corrected the tagging issue – can you please try again?

I’m not sure why the auto-close default is set to 72 hours for this category, but I will find out more background on the intended set up and usage.

I expect follow-up job discussion may be more likely via direct messaging or contact details shared in the post.


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Hi @Stennie

I was able to create that post now.

That would be great to be able to find here easily those guys who could be hired for smaller tasks or larger projects.
I could hire one at Upwork or elsewhere but there are a lot of fake ratings and reviews around.
Here in this community we can check ones history, skills and reputation…

I think a post where devs interested could post their Upwork, Freelancer, Github, Stack Overflow etc. profile link would also be useful for both parties.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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