Problems changing port and IP address of my mongo service from mongod.conf file for remote access

Thank you very much for admitting me in the group, I have been working with the mongo Db manager in its version 4.0 for a few days and for work reasons I saw the need to create a service that would have remote access to a server that has a Windows server as its operating system 2012, I have tried to modify my mongod.conf file, in order to add the server ip in the bindIp attribute and I have enabled the security: authorization attribute, I save the changes as administrator, I restart the service and still the changes are not reflected when I try to create a connection with the added Ip address, I also try to create a new configuration rule to change the boot port and the same thing happens to me, I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me with the solution to this problem that has me in the search for its possible solution.