Problem with storing date and return it as date object


I store date like this:

await db.collection("posts").insertOne({date: new Date()})

storing like this didn’t work and I had error:

await db.collection("posts").insertOne({date: ISODate()})
await db.collection("posts").insertOne({date: new ISODate()})

And then read it like this:

const data = await db
        .sort({_id: -1})

And I get the result as a string (not date object):
date: ‘2023-11-26T08:12:32.469Z’

But I want to return date as the date object, not as a string!

Mongodb version: 6.2.0

Thank you in advance

That would be fairly unusual. Using data inserted the same way you have I get expected Date objects returned:

> (await db
    .sort({ _id: -1 })
    x => console.log(
        `date: ${}, isDate: ${ instanceof Date}`
date: Sun Nov 26 2023 16:08:58 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time), isDate: true
date: Sun Nov 26 2023 15:05:41 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time), isDate: true

It’s so weird. This’s a very simple thing but it returns string, not a date object