Problem installing MongoDB 6.0 on Amazon Linux 2

I’m also having the same issue as Install mongodb-org 5.0 on Amazon Linux 2 aarch64 architecture. how to resolve

Welcome to the MongoDB Community @Simeon_Palla!

Please provide more details on the issue you are encountering:

  • version of MongoDB server you are trying to install
  • output of /proc/cpuinfo
  • host instance type (is this bare metal, virtualised, containerised, …?)
  • any unexpected error message or output relate to this issue

Aside from the typo in the original post, the repo format seems to be OK. I would follow the general tutorial to Install MongoDB Community Edition on Amazon Linux and replace x86_64 with aarch64.


I’m trying to install MongoDB on the AWS Linux ec2 server, for my node.js app backend. but when I’m trying to install MongoDB I’m getting these errors

$ sudo yum install -y mongodb-org
Loaded plugins: extras_suggestions, langpacks, priorities, update-motd
No package mongodb-org available.
Error: Nothing to do

already tried this Install MongoDB Community Edition on Amazon Linux but not working

Hi @Simeon_Palla,

Did you create the /etc/yum.repos.d/mongodb-org-6.0.repo file before running yum install ?

What is the output of yum repolist?


Hi @Simeon_Palla ,

Please also confirm the hardware architecture your EC2 instance is using (x86_64, Graviton, etc).


Hello @Stennie_X ! so I am having the same issue here

I have created the file as requested and still sudo yum install -y mongodb-org returns “No package mongodb-org available”

I have tried to install it on similar machine and it worked just fine

hardware architecture: aarch64

I’m having the same issue with amazon linux:

Checking the repolist it seems that MongoDB 6 has much less entries:

amzn-updates/latest amzn-updates-Base 7,548
mongodb-org-3.4 MongoDB Repository 150
mongodb-org-3.6 MongoDB Repository 144
mongodb-org-4.0 MongoDB Repository 170
mongodb-org-4.2 MongoDB Repository 120
mongodb-org-4.4 MongoDB Repository 196
mongodb-org-5.0 MongoDB Repository 177
mongodb-org-6.0 MongoDB Repository 39