Private Endpoint connect option is not available?

I’ve set up the private endpoint azure->atlas and it works.

Then I go to get the private endpoint aware connection string. These docs say to select Connect on the DB, then select Private Endpoint (as opposed to CLI, mongosh, sdk, etc) and it’ll output the formatted connection string.

But Private Endpoint is not an available Connect option here.

The instance is an M50, which should have this feature. Any ideas on how I can find the private endpoint aware connection string?

Hi there :wave:

My interpretation for the above is that the setting up the azure endpoint worked as per normal and is showing as “Active” in the Atlas UI rather than the private endpoint connection working. Please correct me if I am wrong here.

You may wish to check the the Atlas in-app chat support team if you have set up the endpoint correctly and do not see the private endpoint connection option in the connect modal. As an example, it could be something like a different cloud private cluster (AWS, GCP) against an Azure private endpoint. However, it would be better to clarify with the in-app chat support team as they have more insight into the Atlas project in question.


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