Private endpoint available but unable to create private endpoint

We want to create a private from our AWS VPC to Atlas VPC. We have configured Private endpoint service in our Atlas cluster, and provisioned a VPC Interface Endpoint in our AWS VPC pointing towards our Atlas private endpoint service. Both Atlas endpoint service and our AWS VPC endpoint have status ‘available’ and are deployed successfully. Security groups have been configured as required. But I’m not able to get Private endpoint connection string. It is disabled and when I hover over it the tooltip reads ‘none of your private endpoints are ready to be used’.
We are using M20 Dedicated Cluster and of type Multi Cloud Replica Set - 3 nodes hosted in ca-central-1 (Both in AWS/Azure). Please help us to resolve this issue.

Hi @Hani_Ghasempour,

I suspect you might have missed some steps while configuring the VPC. I suggest you check the AWS VPC Endpoints to ensure they are active.

Additionally, please follow the steps documented in the blog, which provide a step-by-step guide. I hope this will solve your issue.

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VPC Endpoint is in available state. We exactly followed above docs. Atlas Endpoint Service status is available as well.

Hi @Kushagra_Kesav_X ,

Thanks for getting back to us. This is the documentation we have used to set up the private link. The only difference is that on the second step of the ‘Add PrivateLink’ where it says ‘run this command in aws-cli to create your VPC interface’ we set up the Interface Endpoint using terraform. But both endpoints have status ‘available’. I’d appreciate it if you can elaborate on what we may be missing.

We resolved it with the help of support. We had 2 nodes deployed on Azure which prevented us from creating the connection string for AWS PL.

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