Private Endpoint API parameter malformed

I’m probably missing something obvious, but when trying to create a mongodbatlas_privatelink_endpoint_service (Terraform Registry) resource with Terraform, I get the following:

Error: error adding MongoDB Private Service Endpoint Connection(AWS) to a Private Endpoint (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX): POST 400 (request "PATH_PARAM_PARSE_ERROR") One or more path parameter in the request URI /api/atlas/v1.0/groups/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/privateEndpoint/AWS/endpointService/vpce-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/endpoint is malformed.

Comparing to the API docs (, I see nothing wrong. The debugging output from Terraform (TF_LOG=TRACE) shows that the request includes the correct endpoint ID in the payload.

What am I missing?

Hi Aaron_Santo, I’m the Product Manager for our Terraform provider. We had a bug we discovered after launching v0.8.0 that I think you may have hit. We have a fix completed (INTMDB-163: Wrong order for PrivateLink Endpoint Service and detects unnecessary changes by coderGo93 · Pull Request #388 · mongodb/terraform-provider-mongodbatlas · GitHub) and will release soon once a few other fixes are completed. Without more information I can’t say for certain but this looks the same. You can also file an issue (Issues · mongodb/terraform-provider-mongodbatlas · GitHub) or reach out to support for additional assistance. Thanks!


Thanks Melissa for the update, Initially i had the same error when i was trying to use mongodbatlas_privatelink_endpoint_service then i temporarily used
mongodbatlas_private_endpoint_interface_link the old one and keep following the page and now I switched back to mongodbatlas_privatelink_endpoint_service after the fix and now its completely fine.

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