Preimage on collection re-enables itself - why?

Mongo 6.0.5 I previously used pre-images in 2 triggers. I have since refactored and redeployed my triggers removing the need for preimages and toggled preimage OFF for both. I had 2 collections set under my Linked Data Sources - Data Source Configuration - Advanced which I disabled preimage collection.

1 of my 2 collections re-enables itself after a number of hours. I have attempted to disable both from the command line and from the atlas GUI. I have done this 5 times now. I have verified none of my triggers have preimage collection ON.

What else can be causing the automatic re-enablment?

Hi @Kristen_Varona - Welcome to the community :wave:

Trying to see if I can replicate this behaviour - Just want to confirm the scenario above to see if my understanding is correct:

  1. 2 triggers associated with same data source
  2. 2 triggers with pre-image toggled OFF
  3. 1 trigger of the 2 has the pre-image automatically being re-enabled
  4. The other remaining trigger does not have pre-image automatically re-enabled

Have you also checked the deployment history to see if there were any deployments you aren’t aware of that could’ve possibly made this change?

I’ll check to see if there are any other possibilities of how this could be occurring as well.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Jason,

  1. yes.
  2. correct. Previously they had pre-image ON. They were redeployed and pre-image is OFF now.
  3. correct. 1 collection that was previously on the trigger with pre-image ON was re-enabling itself.
  4. correct.
    No, no weird deployments.

Today, I re-verified that my pre-image for my collection is still OFF. So this is good news. I thought I was going crazy, but I did have to disable this collection pre-image a total of 5 times. Currently its OFF, I am continuing to monitor to be sure it doesn’t come back.
Even if it stays off right now, I am very curious of the root cause to ensure I do not get into this situation again.

Hi @Kristen_Varona,

Thanks for confirming the information. I created 2 triggers with the same configuration regarding pre-images. I’ve set it to operate on all operations but it just performs a console.log() - This probably won’t matter too much but it would at least allow me to know the trigger is functioning.

If the issue occurs again, I would recommend contacting Atlas in-app chat support providing the trigger links although I am hoping it won’t change again.


Thank you Jason, I appreciate the effort.
I still don’t understand my root cause as to why it was re-enabling and that bothers me. I didn’t do/make any differences in the 5 attempts to turn it off. It seems obvious that I did something to cause it and am hopeful I can eventually figure out what it was to avoid it happening again. If I figure it out, I will most certainly update this thread.