Practice working with MongoDB

I just completed M001: Introduction to MongoDB and have already started the Data modelling course. However, I a concerned that I might end up forgetting what I learnt in the Introduction to MongoDB.

How do you recommend I practice what I learnt in the course? Are their sites that allow practising using MongoDB by solving questions and writing queries for MongoDB?

I’d be happy to receive any suggestions on this matter.
Thanks in advance

Hey @Collins_Kariuki,

There are plenty of ways to increase your knowledge and practice what you learned in the course. One of the ways, of course, is to try to do a personal project using MongoDB. Our Developer Center has a wide range of tutorials, videos and code examples that you can go through and build something with MongoDB.

Additionally, we also have a MongoDB Bytes section in forums that you can go through to practice basic and advanced MQL, Aggregations, and other concepts through articles and quizzes. Linking a few quizzes for your reference from the MongoDB Bytes that you can go through and practice:
Practice Basic MQL
Aggregation Challenge

There are other resources too that you can refer to increase your knowledge of MongoDB like reading the official documentation, or trying to complete one of the developer paths in our MongoDB University. They contain labs and quizzes that you can try to further increase your knowledge.

Please let us know if there is anything else you need suggestions or help with. Feel free to reach out for anything else as well.



There are a vast amounts of resources on MongoDB alone, so take your time to absorb them, starting with what @Satyam gave.

meanwhile, there is a pretty nice website where you can try ideas fast and also share:

Mongo playground

creating small datasets can become tedious on real servers and client applications (let alone setting them), and this site helps on trying many aspects quickly. you just need to be a bit familiar with JSON (everything except numbers and true/false is quoted) and eJSON/BSON (extended types are mainly functions but have also string representations, ObjectId("someid") and {"$oid":"someid"} ).

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