Practice Suggestion for Associate Developer Exam

I am preparing to take my Associate Developer Exam.
I have completed the NodeJS developer path Including the optional parts.
I gave the practice exam & have got 64%. Bu passing criteria is 76%
What I’m looking for is More practice resources based on CRUD operations & Indexes as these two consist of 51% & 17% question criteria. I’ve see the topic suggestions for CRUD & everything else. But it would be nice to have more practice options.
Please suggest any resources for more practice questions.

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I asked chatGPT, providing it with examples from the practice exam. Passed the certification exam with ~85%


Great suggestion man!

The tricky thing is to validate that chatGPT is telling the true answer…
There are options to hint chatGPT with docs to make sure that it uses the correct resources … but when you are that far than you most likely passed the needed level anyway :wink:
Since chatGTP seemed to be helpful, I do not want to drive you away from using it – just use it with care