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I’ve been answering the practice questions for Associate Developer Node.js from

There is a question:

Given the following sample documents:

{_id:1, name: "Quesedillas Inc.", active: true },
{_id:2, name: "Pasta Inc.", active: true },
{_id:3, name: "Tacos Inc.", active: false },
{_id:4, name: "Cubanos Inc.", active: false },
{_id:5, name: "Chicken Parm Inc.", active: false },

A company wants to create a mobile app for users to find restaurants by name. The developer wants to show the user restaurants that match their search. An Atlas Search index has already been created to support this query.

What query satisfies these requirements?

A. db.restaurants.aggregate([{    "$search": {      "text": { "path": "name", "synonym": "cuban"}    } }])Your Answer
B. db.restaurants.aggregate([{    "$search": {      "text": { "path": "name", "query": "cuban"}    } }])
C. db.restaurants.aggregate([{    "$search": {      "text": { "field": "name", "query": "cuban"}    } }])
D. db.restaurants.aggregate([{    "$search": {      "text": { "field": "name", "synonym": "cuban"}    } }])

So I’ve tried all 4 and have been told all 4 are wrong… see screen shots (attached)

annoying - means you can’t get 100% on the practice

Hi :wave: @Ryan_Moore,

Thanks for flagging it! We have forwarded this to the concerned team. We will keep you updated.


There are so many such questions which are not clear. There is no way knowing the correct answer and supporting reasoning.

Hi :wave: @neeraj,

Thanks for your post. And we fixed the question earlier today and I’ll encourage you to re-attempt the practice exam and let us know your feedback!

Let me know if you face any further problems!


thanks @Kushagra_Kesav for your response. Will try.

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