PowerBI Service Connection with Gateway

Hi there,

I have followed the steps outlined here to connect my MongoDB Atlas FDB to a PowerBI online service:

However, when it comes to adding my credentials - I receive a familiar error:
Failed to update data source credentials: Data source error occurred. SQLSTATE: 01000 NativeError: 444 Error message: ODBC: ERROR [01000] The driver returned invalid (or failed to return) SQL_DRIVER_ODBC_VER: 03.80

I’ve seen this error previously when I didn’t have drivers installed locally to connect via the PowerBI desktop, but now I have those installed.

I know it’s not a credentials issue as the very same work on my desktop version, and the same reason for drivers installed. Is there another driver that’s specifically for online refresh that I’m missing? Which one?

Any troubleshooting help here appreciated!


Hi Support! I have the same issue! I created a couple of users (admin access) to connect and I’ve received the same error! Any idea how to fix it?

@Andy_M - welcome to the community!!

If the Connector (Atlas SQL Power BI) and Driver (ODBC) work successfully with Power BI Desktop, but not with Power BI Service and the Gateway the issue is likely a problem with configuration on the “server” computer where the gateway is installed. Here are a few things to try:

  1. For the server computer where the gateway is installed, was this IP address added to the whitelist within Atlas?

  2. Where are you getting this error? Is it when setting up the Gateway within Power BI Service? The same driver is used for both Desktop and the Gateway, though sometimes that server where the Gateway is installed gives an error when the connector can’t access the driver dll file. But I believe that typically gives another error stating can’t access the dll.

Let me know if you would rather email me (any screen shots for security purposes), and we can troubleshoot this further: alexi.antonino@mongodb.com