PowerBI ODBC connector error

I have installed the necessary ODBC driver for use with Power BI, but when I enter my server info I get this error.


What is the issue on my end? Is there another alternative I should take?


I assume you are referring to the MongoDB ODBC Driver for BI Connector which also requires a compatible version of the MongoDB Connector for BI to be installed and correctly configured.

The system error: 10060 message indicates the ODBC driver is unable to establish a connection to the Connector for BI. I suggest testing that the Connector for BI is working before moving on to the ODBC driver set up.

Are you using a local version of the Connector for BI or Atlas-hosted?



I’m using a local version of the Connector for BI. I found that I was missing something involving mongosqld. Is the sampling for the schema supposed to take hours if my database is quite large?