Power BI Mongo DB data loading error

Hey All,
We are trying to get data from mongo DB to Power BI and tried both options (Power BI Connector and ODBC) however getting the following error.

DataSource.Error: ODBC: ERROR [HY000] [MongoDB][Core] Trying to execute query failed with error: Kind: Command failed: Error code 168 (InvalidPipelineOperator): Unrecognized expression ‘$unsetField’, correlationID = 178ea7cc3aa19fdeb0e0bb28, labels: {}

Could anyone help me in this situation and let us know how to resolve this?


This is likely a result of your underlying Atlas DB version being less than version 5.0. The nature of the error is that in the translation the $unsetField aggregation is being called, but this aggregation isn’t present in versions less than 5.0. So you may have been able to query using Atlas SQL on this same database in the past, but this particular query requires the $unsetField aggregate within the translation.
Hope this helps!