Power BI DataSource.Error:


I am able to connect using the mongodb adapter to PowerBI. I can select the table in power query but get the following error:

DataSource.Error: The table has no visible columns and cannot be queried.

I verified that the table was populated using Compass.

Any help would be appreciated.

i have the same problem.

Some collections work, however, the new ones don’t!

Hello @Airwolf39_N_A and @logikoz ,

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Please check if SQL Schema is generated as the most common reason to this error is that the SQL Schema needs to be generated. Could you try running sqlGenerateSchema command on collection, and see if that clears up the error

To run the sqlGenerateSchema, you must do so from the admin db. Here are some instructions that might help.

If this does not resolve your issue, can you please share additional details such as:

  • what steps did you follow before getting this error?
  • what is the schema for the collections with the error (as in, what does sqlGetSchema return)?


Can you help me?

When I run this command:

AtlasDataFederation admin> db.runCommand({ sqlGenerateSchema: 1, sampleNamespaces: ["database.twitterpublicmetrics", "database.twitterpercentages", "database.twitternewmetrics"], sampleSize: 1000, setSchemas: true })

I got the following error:

MongoServerError: not authorized, correlationID = 17986eab79db73f1f569e2e2

What can I do to resolve this?