POST works in RQL/Atlas in browser, but not in Postman


I have a VERY simple POST that adds a record to a collection. It works in the RQL function editor for the serverless endpoint, yet not in postman:

if (body) {
      const reviews ="mongodb-atlas").db("myDBName").collection("myCollectionName");
      const reviewDoc = {
          user_id: body.user_id,
          date: new Date(),
          text: body.text,
          restaurant_id: BSON.ObjectId(body.restaurant_id)
      return await reviews.insertOne(reviewDoc);
    return  {};

HOWEVER, when I try the same POST in postman via JSON object:

    "text": "test",
    "name": "JoeB",
    "user_id": "123",
    "restaurant_id": "64e3247f8c589fd65db49b50"

I get a 400 Bad request and the error “ObjectId in must be a single string of 12 bytes or a string of 24 hex characters.” It seems to have an issue with the “restaurant_id” field which is an ObjectId

Please inform.

Hi @Kevin_N,

Can you provide any log details or details regarding the request being performed in postman for when you get the error?