Possible phishing from MongoDB or just an incorrect email?

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I was navigating a trusted MongoDB website and a pop-up appeared on the top of the page for something new - the partners program and looking through it I navigated through to this link:

It introduced me to the SI-Certification and registering for it- I went through the process and it led to sending an email and the contents of the email provides steps of creating a learning account on MongoDB university and finding the course,

Although when having trouble on checkout to register and start the course - which is free ($0.00) it does not complete properly, I decided to reach out to the SI-Certifications email they provided and it seems it does not look legitimate as seen above in the email.

Please kindly assist - as my company I believe is an enterprise partner and should therefore be eligible for?

please find the links below:

Hi @Gareth_Furnell , have you solved your issue?

Did you have a mongodb account before you tried to sign up for the course?

The login/signup page might get stuck sometimes and show weird things on the page. But once your registration is complete and login finely, you will find it is easy to navigate around. (the browser you use may affect the result).

I suggest you first login to the Mongodb University Learn main page first, then try to navigate other courses, and if they seem alright navigate to the link you gave for SI course.

I am sure it will be fine after that point on.