Possible integration with janusgraph

Is it possible to use mongodb as a storage backend for JanusGraph? It appears they’re entirely different types of databases but I’m just wondering if there’s a known way to make janusgraph work with data that’s already stored in mongodb. Elastic search is a common indexing backend for janusgraph, and is commonly used with mongodb as well. So I’m considering if it’s possible to use all 3 together. Thanks!

Hi @Uchechukwu_Ozoemena,

I’m not familiar with JanusGraph, however I did a quick search and it seems like you’ve already found and commented on the few existing threads asking about a MongoDB storage backend.

JanusGraph has a pluggable storage layer but the current JanusGraph storage backends only include Apache Cassandra, Apache Hbase, Google Cloud Bigtable, Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition, and an InMemory Storage Backend.

You could perhaps find (or start!) an open source project to create a MongoDB storage backend but I did not come across any active projects.


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