Please change "master/slave" to "primary/secondary"

I was working in Mongo Compass and an error popped up that said “not master and slaveOk=false”. We should not be using language like that as computer jargon, because it trivializes the actual horrors of past and present real-world slavery. You can use the terms master and slave when talking about people being coerced into labor. But it is not appropriate to use these terms as names for databases or apps or variables. The company I work for has mandated that we replace master/slave with primary/secondary or main/secondary or something else similar. It looks like Mongo Compass already uses Primary/Secondary in some situations. That’s what shows up as the ‘cluster’ name in the side panel. But the error message still uses the problematic terms, so I strongly encourage Mongo developers to promptly switch to using primary/secondary throughout their software.

@Miranda_Brawner what version of MongoDB are you using? That error that you see comes directly from the server. A few months ago, we worked on a project across the whole company to replace this type of terminology. I wonder if you are running a version of MongoDB where this change has not been applied or of that specific error message somewhat got left behind.

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