Planning MongoDB Replica Set upgrade 4.4.18 to 6.0.15


We are planning an upgrade for hundreds of servers running MongoDB 4.4.18 (Docker Container) to 6.0.15

I’ve been researching the upgrade path and I understand that we cannot jump directly to 6 we should first jump to 5 and then upgrade to 6.

The problem is Backing up the DB, I saw in the MongoDB upgrade procedure article that we must take a backup of the DB files (using mongodump) and we don’t have the required space to backup each of the systems.

My question is, what could go wrong if we skipped the backup prior upgrade? does MongoDB new version can modify the files and break them in a way we can’t rollback? is it really necessary to backup the DB files?


Hi @Jafar_Atili

This does not have to be mongodump any method that creates a recoverable backup will do. In lieu of enterprise tooling like Ops Manager I lean heavily in the direction of filesystem snapshots.

If you don’t have space for this backup how are they being backed up now, will that method suffice for your backup.

Remove MongoDB upgrade from the question, what if anything happens and the backup is skipped and you really need it?

Version downgrade is supported for 1 major version, 6.0 → 5.0 or 5.0 → 4.4. Once the feature compatibility version is updated this potentially becomes more difficult if new features are being utilized.

6.0 → 5.0 → 4.4 is not a supported downgrade.

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