Plan executor error during find (problem?)

(I’m using version 6.X on RHEL 7)

Do the following messages mean that the query never executed? Nobody seems to be complaining about things not working.

“Plan executor error during find command”,“attr”:{“error”:{“code”:11601,“codeName”:“Interrupted”,“errmsg”:“operation was interrupted”}

“Plan executor error during find command”,“attr”:{“error”:{“code”:50,“codeName”:“MaxTimeMSExpired”,“errmsg”:“operation exceeded time limit”}

I’m curious if “operation was interrupted” is client initiated (because it exceeded some application specific time-limit) and if the message regarding MaxTimeMSExpired is purely an internal setting where Mongo can’t do something in an allotted amount of time and cancels the transaction(s).

(To avoid the above messages) I did see other forum entries where people crank up values like:
db.adminCommand( { setParameter: 1, maxTransactionLockRequestTimeoutMillis: 60000 });
But…I think that is just masking the problem, not solving the underlying issue.