Pkging and deploying Community server edition as part of a Commercial product

Is it within the scope of SSPL for us to develop a commercial product using MongoDB Community server edition as the Backend DB ?

Specifically, are we free to package MongoDB Community server edition as part of our product VM (virtual machine or disk image) and deploy it in (multiple) customer locations as part of our Product deployment ?

To be clear, the product is NOT a DBaaS.
The product is a Troubleshooting system that collects a lot of data continuously over the network, stores those data in MongoDB and other databases and runs calculations on those data and arrives at conclusions, stores those conclusions in MongoDB and then exposes those to users via a Web UI.
So, MongoDB is clearly to be used as a Backend Database and the user is not to be given direct access to the MongoDB or the database itself but only to the certain results or derived data stored in the database.

Reading the SSPL license page and the associated faq page below is not making this clear: