Petabytes of images / pdf in mongodb

I am working on new projects which requires to store petabytes of images in DB. File size of each image is expected to be less than 5MB. I am planning to store textual data in SQL SERVER and images in MongoDB. is it good or i should store images on file system and keep reference in DB?
Please guide.

I always store them in the file system and save a filepath as a string in the db.
MongoDB is not designed for very large BLOBs.

there’s a good post about solutions to store such thing in this forum (not able to get the link though, you can try searching for it).

Generally speaking, storing things like those in a distributed file system (e.g. s3) is a very common. One big benefit of this is they be best managed by your CDN servers.

as sadi by Jack, database are not designed for this specific purpose. yes, they can use blob, but file systems are specifically designed to store large file data, So why not.