Performance with YCSB, ops per second limit


I am trying to check the performance of MongoDB using YCSB, my main interest is disk performance and local SSD vs SAN

I saw that one client has a limit of ~50000 ops per second, so I add another client and another and another…

I do see that I am able to get to 100000 ops per second from a total of 3 YCSB clients, but when I add a 4th or 5th clients I am unable to exceed 100K ops/s and the YCSB clients split the ops/s as I add another client,

E.G. when I have one or two clients each can have up to 50k ops/s when I add the 3rd client I get max of 34k ops/s for each client and so on as I add more clients.

is there a way to remove this limit? I do see that the CPU and RAM are not citrated and are actually 50% or less,

I did think about sharding the mongoDB server, but I have one SAN and each shard has it’s own local SSD.

any help or suggestions on getting more ops/s will be appriciated.


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