Performance question - Atlas data api vs graphql api vs realm-web sdk

I am considering MongoDB as a database for websites that require a mostly read-heavy workload.

Which data options in MongoDB Atlas have the highest performance for reading data?
Data API, GraphQL, or Realm web SDK?

I can’t use the node.js driver as I am planning to run the website in a serverless environment.

Hi Arpan_Patel,

The Data API and Realm Web SDK should have similar performance for read operations; the primary benefit of the Web SDK is automation and built-in authentication whereas the Data API provides a RESTful API interface, making it easy to interact with MongoDB through HTTP endpoints and a standardized API that follows REST principles.

GraphQL would be the slowest because it has to generate schemas, so I would recommend one of the above offerings.

Thanks for answering it.
Also is there a performance difference in using data API’s built-in post endpoint vs creating a custom GET endpoint to read the data from the same collection?