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So I’ve completed to transition to Altas, and I’m now monitoring the sync, and it seems it takes relatively a long time for it to come though. I changed some text in one client, and it took almost 15 seconds until the change started to come back to the other device. In comparison with Realm Cloud is was pretty much instantaneous.
Maybe it’s because of the world wide internet failures we’re having today? or does it make sense Atlas is slower?

One of the biggest changes between legacy Realm Cloud and MongoDB Realm is that now you can control your own performance by picking the right Atlas instance for your performance requirements.

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OK… can you point me to the documentation about that?

Thanks for the reply by the way - I just browsed the site and it’s pretty clear.

OK, I can update that I’ve updated to production tier and still the performance is too slow, it doesn’t make sense. I am the only user, writing a document on one end and observing the sync on the other end. Each letter takes 2-3 second to “move across”. (every letter is a new transaction).

@donut There are a lot of variables that can affect throughput and replication speed. Like the type of update, the size of the update, the number of concurrent writers, how technically complex the OT integration is for conflict resolution.

To be candid, I think that our position is that Realm Sync is designed to take a few seconds for replication, in other words, we wouldn’t consider it an issue that it takes 2-3 seconds. However, it could replicate sub-seconds, see one of our recent demo’s here:


I might miss that event, so if this is available somewhere online I’d appreciate a link.

Thanks again.

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