Password expiration settings in community version using PyMongo

I’m using the latest MongoDB community version. Using Pymongo I want to set the password expiration for the given user. I tried using the expiresAfterSeconds parameter in the command function with the updateUser query. But it gives an error that this parameter is unknown. I have to use Username/password auth mechanism.
How can I achieve this? please provide any pointers to the relevant doc.

Hi @Shaktisinh_Jhala, the updateUser command does not give the option of setting a password expiration. Here is a relevant answer on the subject: Set user password expiry every 30 days - #5 by Stennie_X.

@Steve_Silvester Thank you for the answer.

My actual purpose is to deactivate the user for a defined timeframe and activate again after some time. Basically, I have created one password rotation script where I’m using two users to switch while changing other users’ passwords to avoid downtime. I want to restrict customers to use the older user once we create the alternate user. But this action should be performed after some time only. In short, I’m looking for a similar kind of functionality like ValidUntil clause of PostgresDB

Please let me know if we have any similar functionality to this in MongoDB

That functionality was proposed in, but ultimately not implemented. Unfortunately you’d have to do the password rotation manually, using a CRON job or some other mechanism, unless you use LDAP or Kerberos to manage passwords externally.

Have a look at it offers some interesting credential rotation.

Here is a quick tutorial on it: