Pass CorrelationId during mongo queries and commands

I’m looking for a way to make reviewing the Atlas Profiler more useful by adding a CorrelationId to my collection queries. I’d like to be able to do something like this (using python):

db[“my_collection”].find({}, corr_id=“some_guid”)

Then, when looking at the profiler I’d like to be able to see this correlationId in the log:

{ "type": "command", "ns": "steel_command.inventory_props_cache", **"correlation_id": "some_id",** "command": { "getMore": 7276652552318456000, "collection": "inventory_props_cache", "lsid": { "id": { "$binary": { "base64": "G+3BvDN4SSif58z5vhG/sw==", "subType": "04" } }

Is there something like this already built into Mongo to allow us to more easily correlate a mongo log to an application-level event?

Thank you!

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Hi @Matt_Jones2 and welcome in the MongoDB Community :muscle: !

To be honest this feature doesn’t ring a bell here. Maybe I missed it but it never reached my ears.

You could submit this idea in the feedback engine if it’s not already suggested. :slight_smile:


Would the $comment field work?

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Thanks, Victor! That is exactly what I was needing.

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