Parse Server + Mongodb atlas generates too much bandwidth without any usage

Hi there I am in the process of releasing an ios app which has a backend with the Parse server + mongodb atlas (M0 Sandbox with Replica Set - 3 nodes).

The problem:

Heroku uses dynamic ips so in order to add ip rules in the mongodb i need quotaguard proxy which give the static ips. So far so good. I enabled the qg tunneling and for a few days the proxy generates 350mb bandwidth. The app is currently without any usage and no one has ever done requests. The Heroku restarts the server per 24 hours which results in reconnecting to the database. QuotaGuard plan is 5$ per month for 500mb bandwidth and 5k requests. Another strange thing is that the reconection cost is always 16 requests. The database has 3 shards.

My setup:

  • I have one app on heroku which hosts parse server which connects to the mongodb without any special configurations just:
    databaseUri: ‘url to mongodb in srv format’,
    databaseOptions: {
    ssl: true, tls: true
  • Another heroku app which hosts Parse live query server which also need to connect to the db and that’s it.

Hi Atanas, I do not believe that Parse Server is being actively maintained at this point. Have you looked at running your own backend via the MERN stack, or MongoDB Atlas Device Sync instead?

If you are keen to proceed down this road, it sounds. like Parse Server may well be doing a lot of active querying in an inefficient way. The connection count is likely a combination of connection pool as well as internal monitoring agents and cross-replication connections.