Page reload issues with NuxtJS application in Realm Static hosting

Hello all

I need help with static hosting from Realm.

I have a SPA / NuxtJS application deployed to the static hosting at Realm.
When I navigate to a route (not the home/index page) and reload the page or go directly to the page via URL, I observe a strange behavior that I can’t explain.

Then a “cryptic string” appears in the URL after the domain, for example “60e3fed0cf167ce4f50b3a79” and then the further path of the url follows.
I know that the “404 Not Found” error is from the Nuxt app because the route with the cryptic 60e3fed0cf167ce4f50b3a79 does not exist.

As a demo I have deployed a simple Nuxt application at The problem can be reproduced if you go to the url

Is there anyone who can help me here?

Thanks & Many greetings

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Hi @Andreas_Knops - this is happening because you need to use ttps:// as the URL. The trailing / will look for the inspire directory which you have in your app, if you don’t add this, it will look for a file of the same name, not a folder