Outdated command in "Load the Sample Dataset Into Your Atlas Cluster"

Hi all, just wanted to let you know about this lab.

At one point it says to run this command
atlas clusters loadSampleData myAtlasClusterEDU

which results in

root@mongodb:~# atlas clusters loadSampleData myAtlasClusterEDU Command "loadSampleData" is deprecated, use 'atlas clusters sampleData load' instead Error: https://cloud.mongodb.com/api/atlas/v2/groups/6492b7aa34ee970ad0e652a0/sampleDatasetLoad/myAtlasClusterEDU POST: HTTP 400 (Error code: "SAMPLE_DATASET_LOAD_IN_PROGRESS") Detail: A sample dataset load is already in progress for cluster myAtlasClusterEDU in group 6492b7aa34ee970ad0e652a0. Reason: Bad Request. Params: [myAtlasClusterEDU 6492b7aa34ee970ad0e652a0]

All good if I use the suggested command

root@mongodb:~# atlas clusters sampleData load myAtlasClusterEDU Sample Data Job 6492b8e18e114c2f1f3c51f9 created.

Hey @Alexandru_47292,

Thank you for surfacing it. We will notify the concerned team about it.

If you have any other concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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