Outage (We are deploying your changes)


When I login to my Atlas dashboard, I see at the top of the page a message saying “We are deploying your changes”. This has been going on for approximately 8 hours now. In the meantime, the database is not accessible.

In the “Project Activity Feed” I see many occurences of the following events:

  • Host experienced a rollback
  • Host has restarted

A few questions:

  • Is the above scenario something expected (meaning the long delay for changes to be deployed)
  • Is it something specific about my cluster/database that caused this?
  • Is this actually an issue that you’re working to fix?

Thanks in advance

Hi @dimitris.xanthopoulos,

I would advise you to contact the Atlas in-app chat support for these types of operational issues since they have more insight into your Atlas project / cluster. They should be able to advise you if what you are experiencing is expected or not.


Thanks @Jason_Tran

I did cummunicate with support. They eventually fixed the issue


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