OS level backup of replica set nodes


I think about a new deployment and I don’t have much experience with it. It’s on-premise deployment on either physical or virtual machines. I’m going to use Ops Manager or schedule mongodump scripts (it’s still an open question) to protect MongoDB data.

My question is:
Should I also protect the replica set nodes at the OS level with another solution? For example, to protect Mongo config files
(f.g. rsync for files backup, hypervisor snapshots, other backup solution etc.)
Normally, we protect all machines at the OS level in our environment but not sure it’s really necessary in case of Mongo as we’re planning using scripts for new replica set node installation.

How do you usually do it?

Many thanks in advance!

if your data size is small, mongodump should be fine. (i guess ops manager can also do backup). If your data size is big, using a system level snapshot can be faster (e.g. EBS snaphot) as they do low level disk backup instead of dealing with queries.

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Thanks for the reply!

The idea is that I have Ops Manager for backup and I must use it. Ops Manager backs up only database data but I think about an additional OS/server-level backup of the replica set nodes.

Does it makes sense to have 2 backups? DB backup by Ops Manager and OS/server backup by something else?


i don’t see any obvious benefit for doing that. for my projects, i only use ebs snapshot.

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