Organizations vs Projects

I am not sure of the difference in practice between organizations vs projects.
For example let’s say I want to make a small web app that requires data access for a ‘workout / exercise app’, and I name my app ‘WORKOUT APP’, shall I create a new Organizaiton named WORKOUT APP or simply a new Project names WORKOUT APP ?
thank you

Hierarchy is like Organization—>Project–>Cluster
So you can create a new project and each project has its own cluster

ok I understand that orgnaization is above project, so if I have 3 different apps, each should be a project or an organization ? thank you


Organizations and Projects are flexible containers that you can decide how to use based on the need. Authorization boundary needs of your company and application plays an important role in your decision how to use them.

Ideally, in most cases, you can think your company as an Organization. This is the container you define organization level settings as well as keep your users and projects in. In most cases one organization is enough as long as you don’t separate the organization owners (and some other userbase) or need separate organization settings.

Projects in the organizations will have your clusters and databases. Depending on your access segregation needs you can have one or more projects. Check the bullets points here to see if you need to consider having separate projects - . You can have three different projects for three apps, you can have three clusters within the same project, or you can have two projects one for dev and one for production and have three clusters in each. In some cases if two applications are related or there is no need for segregation of resources you can even have one cluster and separate databases per app to save on cost.

In short - I suggest to have one org and consider how many projects you need for your applications based on your requirements/needs.


thanks a lot, that was super useful info.


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