$or not working in trigger match expression


I’m on MongoDB Atlas and I tried to add a match expression with a top-level $or and it simply doesn’t work.
I can specify every single one of the or-ed filters individually and they work just fine but as soon as I try to $or them, no more events are passed along to EventBridge

    "$or": [
        { "operationType": { "$in": ["insert", "delete"] } },
        { "updateDescription.updatedFields.email": { "$exists": true } },
        { "updateDescription.updatedFields.filter": { "$exists": true } },
        { "updateDescription.updatedFields.channels": { "$exists": true } }

Can you help me figure out what’s wrong?

I do not see an obvious error in the query.

Can you include a full example that we can test? Then it will likely be trivial.

What additional information do you require?