OpsManager upgrade 5.0.17 -- 5.0.21 -- 6.0.17


I open this to ask you for some information, I have some doubts about Upgrade OpsManager.

I need to update the Ops Manager, it is currently at version 5.0.17 and its AppDB at 4.2.13.

When I update opsmanager to version 5.0.21 and then to 6.0.17, is its system database (AppDB) automatically updated?

Or must I first update the mongodb verion of the AppDB database and then proceed to update opsmanager?

Thank you,

You should open a support case with MongoDB and have them review the Ops Manager deployment and guide you through the upgrade.

AppDB is something you will have to upgrade manually. You can monitor it with OpsManager but it should not be managed by it.

Ops Manager 6.0 requires MongoDB 4.4 or later for the backing databases, 4.4 is deprecated. But yes updating your backing db should occur first.

Roughly you should.

  1. Consider taking a dump of the AppDB
  2. Upgrade the AppDB 4.2.13-ent → 4.2.24-ent → 4.4.23 → 5.0.19-ent
  3. Upgrade Ops Manager 5.0.17 → 5.0.21 → 6.0.16
  4. Upgrade the AppDB to 6.0.8-ent