Ops Manager upgrade issue (from 4.2.24 to 4.4.10 )

Good morning.

Can I request your suggestions on MongoDB OpsManager upgrade error? I have current setup Ops Manager 4.2.24 version installed. Doing Ops Manager upgrade to 4.4.10 version. I used rpm upgrade process (rpm -Uvh). During upgrade process I hit following error and Ops Manager not upgraded due to this error.

Error details:

2022-03-04T04:54:57.287+0000 [main] ERROR com.xgen.svc.common.migration.MigrationRunner [MigrationRunner.java.run:310] - Failed to apply migration(s)

com.xgen.svc.common.migration.exception.NoMigrationPathException: There is no migration path from the existing application version (7c47919fa03b89ec66bb769d7d6ead4246cfa231) to the current one (80727814dc078a9ff9beb24f914729602dc059d0). Exiting.

        at com.xgen.svc.common.migration.MigrationSvc.verifyMigrationPath(MigrationSvc.java:300)

        at com.xgen.svc.common.migration.MigrationSvc.areWePerformingASystemUpgrade(MigrationSvc.java:202)

        at com.xgen.svc.common.migration.MigrationRunner.ensureLiveMigrationsState(MigrationRunner.java:353)

        at com.xgen.svc.common.migration.MigrationRunner.run(MigrationRunner.java:305)

        at com.xgen.svc.common.migration.MigrationRunner.main(MigrationRunner.java:387)
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Hi Venkata,

This forum covers MongoDB Community products, while MongoDB Ops Manager is part of our MongoDB Enterprise offering.

Please raise a case in the MongoDB Support Portal (http://support.mongodb.com/) using the account associated to your Company MongoDB Enterprise subscriptions to get the needed assistance on your question.

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