Ops Manager upgrade issue (from 4.2.24 to 4.4.10 )

Good morning.

Can I request your suggestions on MongoDB OpsManager upgrade error? I have current setup Ops Manager 4.2.24 version installed. Doing Ops Manager upgrade to 4.4.10 version. I used rpm upgrade process (rpm -Uvh). During upgrade process I hit following error and Ops Manager not upgraded due to this error.

Error details:

2022-03-04T04:54:57.287+0000 [main] ERROR com.xgen.svc.common.migration.MigrationRunner [MigrationRunner.java.run:310] - Failed to apply migration(s)

com.xgen.svc.common.migration.exception.NoMigrationPathException: There is no migration path from the existing application version (7c47919fa03b89ec66bb769d7d6ead4246cfa231) to the current one (80727814dc078a9ff9beb24f914729602dc059d0). Exiting.

        at com.xgen.svc.common.migration.MigrationSvc.verifyMigrationPath(MigrationSvc.java:300)

        at com.xgen.svc.common.migration.MigrationSvc.areWePerformingASystemUpgrade(MigrationSvc.java:202)

        at com.xgen.svc.common.migration.MigrationRunner.ensureLiveMigrationsState(MigrationRunner.java:353)

        at com.xgen.svc.common.migration.MigrationRunner.run(MigrationRunner.java:305)

        at com.xgen.svc.common.migration.MigrationRunner.main(MigrationRunner.java:387)
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Hi Venkata,

This forum covers MongoDB Community products, while MongoDB Ops Manager is part of our MongoDB Enterprise offering.

Please raise a case in the MongoDB Support Portal (http://support.mongodb.com/) using the account associated to your Company MongoDB Enterprise subscriptions to get the needed assistance on your question.

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@Venkata_Sivasankar did your issue resolve? It will be helpful if you can share more about fix

Hi, try to upgrade to the latest version of 4.2 (4.2.26) and then start upgrading to 4.4.x, this may work for you.