Ops manager profiler has no data

I have 5 replicaset in one project under ops manager, for one of the replicaset, there’s totally no data from the profiler page, and the rest 4 works normal.

the result for db.getProfilingStatus() was all same as
“was” : 0.0,
“slowms” : 100.0,
“sampleRate” : 1.0,
“ok” : 1.0,

so the “was”: 0.0 means the profiler is not enabled on the database level?

Where can I find any logs regarding that one replicaset… or to get the profiler show up? I am pretty sure there should be lots of slowness queries for it.

We found the cause and solution.
The mongodb process was running under user root, it was writing some logs to /tmp/xxx/xxx while the agent running under mongodb cannot access it. So it failed to get such information.
After reboot the mongodb proess (via ops manager), the mongod was running under user mongodb then the profiler data is back.

Here comes another question, as the previous session was also controlled by opsmanager, so why it was using root for the process?