OPS Manager Deployment in Openshift - TLS

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I’ve been work with MongoDB on deploying OPS Manager 1.23/`1.24 in and Openshift 4.12/4.13 environment. The basic deployment is fine. But the end game is a TLS deployment in conjunction with Cert Manager.

Using valid CA certs configured as a ClusterIssuer in Cert Manager and following the docs to deploy OPS Manager w/ TLS in place …

Set Up a cert-manager Integration — MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator

…the OPS Manager db stateful set fails to fully deploy with the following error:
oc describe pod om-with-https-db-0

Warning Unhealthy 79s kubelet Readiness probe failed: panic: open /var/log/mongodb-mms-automation/healthstatus/agent-health-status.json: no such file or directory

goroutine 1 [running]:
/go/pkg/mod/github.com/mongodb/mongodb-kubernetes-operator@v0.8.4-0.20231107123106-75b5b8d473a5/cmd/readiness/main.go:226 +0x191
Warning Unhealthy 9s (x8 over 69s) kubelet Readiness probe failed:

There is a know issue that should have been solved in OPS Manager 1.18 - readiness probe - but I’m still seeing this error in 1.23./1.24.

I’m hoping someone had successfully deployed Cert-Manager/MongoDB Enterprise Operator/MongoDB OPS Manager with TLS enabled.

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Hi @John_Vonplutzner , I looked at this with the engineering team for the Operator and we agreed that you’d need to open a support case to investigate this further - we’d need more information to advise.

Hi @Dan_Mckean ,

It took some great support from the MongoDB team by Josh McClusky and Jack Alder to deploy a TLS enabled MongoDB Enterprise Operator (v.1.23)/OPS Manager/Cert-Manager Operator in Openshift (v4.12/13), but it can be done.

Thanks for checking with the engineering team…very much appreciated!


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Very glad to hear they were able to help!