Ops Manager connected with MongoDB Community Version

I have MongoDB Community Version and Ops Manager for testing purposes.
Can’t you connect these?
Can Ops Manager be used only with MongoDB in Enterprise Version?

And why does DATA SIZE come out as N/A?
Is the agent connection incorrect?

The following table lists which versions of MongoDB Community and Enterprise are compatible with each major version of Ops Manager:

So it appears that it can be.

Did you deploy this shard with ops manager or is it existing and you are importing it ?

I divided the shared cluster into 3 servers and placed Ops Manager on another separate server.
Ops Manager has confirmed the placement of the Sharded Cluster, but it does not seem to be able to retrieve data continuously.

Both Ops Manager and MongoDB use the latest versions.

I checked the Log. Log messages like this appeared on all agents.

[2021-03-11T15:56:20.841+900] [.error] [metrics/collector/realcollector.go:mainLoop:130] [15:56:20.841] Error sending hardware metrics to MMS : Error POSTing to http://<.hostname>:8080/agents/api/automation/metrics/batch/v1/6048a339d74eb16855e31190?ah=SQL_1&ahs=sql_1&av= Post “http://<.hostname>:8080/agents/api/automation/metrics/batch/v1/6048a339d74eb16855e31190?ah=SQL_1&ahs=sql_1&av=”: dial tcp connect: connection refused

What’s the solution?

The mongo.mongoUri=<.SetToValidUri> in Ops Manager Config File was determined to be OK.
(Compass confirmed normal connection.)


Looks like agents cannot connect to ops manager. Check the firewall of the opsmanager host.