Ops Manager Backup Restore Issue

I use Ops Manager and,
I’ve done a 1.9TB restore of a backup to another cluster and the AWS server is a c5.18x large which means it can only have 2000GB (2TB) of storage, due to this The restore has been failing and restarting constantly in a loop - is there any way to stop the restore procedure?

Any urgent assistance would Help

Hi @Gareth_Furnell,
I think you can simply kill the process of the mongorestore.
The better idea in my opinion (“If I understand the situation correctly”), is to use the mongosync instead of dump & restore.

From documentation:


Hi @Fabio_Ramohitaj So this would be an Ops Manager Restore process and not manual through mongorestore, through all GUI settings even in admin I can’t seem to find a cancel or terminate restore button. at the same Time - the bytes transferred are going above the estimated bytes transferred, restores in the past would align exactly of these two metrics.

I’ve requested that DevOps Team increase the storage of the Server so that the next Run is successful but a cancel or terminate option would be good or an explanation on why termination of this process would affect systems

Hi @Gareth_Furnell,
I’m really glad you solved the problem!
You can flag your answer as solution!

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