Ops Manager App DB CrashLoopBackoff

I’m using v1.25 of the Kubernetes Enterprise Operator to manage an Ops Manage instance, configured as such:

apiVersion: mongodb.com/v1
kind: MongoDBOpsManager
 name: ops-manager
 namespace: mongodb
 replicas: 1
 version: 7.0.3
 adminCredentials: ops-manager-admin-secret
   enabled: false
    mms.centralUrl: https://mongodb-ops.int.xxx
  type: ClusterIP
  members: 3
  version: 7.0.5-ubi8

The ops-manager-db-0``` and ops-manager-db-1 are created and run normally, howeverops-manager-db-2` fails and enters a crash loop backoff. The first time, or second, mongod receives a signal 15 to terminate, after which is continuously fails with message :

{"t":{"$date":"2024-05-11T20:03:08.552+00:00"},"s":"F", "c":"CONTROL", "id":20575, "ctx":"main","msg":"Error creating service context","attr":{"error":"Location5579201: Unable to acquire security key[s]"}} ` I also see that it cannot read the keyfile for the RS: ` {"t":{"$date":"2024-05-11T20:03:08.552+00:00"},"s":"I", "c":"ACCESS", "id":20254, "ctx":"main","msg":"Read security file failed","attr":{"error":{"code":30,"codeName":"InvalidPath","errmsg":"error opening file: /var/lib/mongodb-mms-automation/authentication/keyfile: bad file"}}}

How do I fix this?

the Ops Manager container itself starts up successfully, however, logins fail.