Oplog/incremental backup for point in time restore

I want to perform oplog backups without using mongodump. is it possible?
If yes how can this backed up oplog useful in performing restore for sharded cluster ?

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Hi @rejith_mohan,

Thank you for reaching out with your question. So that I can provide the best information, I would like to know a little bit more about your environment first.

  • Are you using the MongoDB community version currently? If yes, is this what you plan to continue using in the future?

  • Is your environment sharded today or are you trying to prepare and understand more for sharding in the future?

  • Do you have a specific Recovery Point Objective (RPO) requirement that you are trying to satisfy?


If you are using self-managed mongo servers, you can use native disk snapshot utility if provided.

Yes, it’s possible to perform oplog backups without mongodump. Oplog backups are useful for point-in-time recovery and migrating data to a new cluster.

How is it possible? Can you help me