Operation Types on Atlas

This question is based on my interaction with the Metrics section on Atlas.

I understand you can perform CRUD operations, and that’s represented in Insert, query, Update, Delete when looking at the Opcounters section.

However, I’d like to know what kinds of queries are categorised as “command”.


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well I can’t speak for official MongoDB… but in my sql experience… a command is not a query - in general… a command is like: create Index, shard a cluster, etc. more admin stuff…

when it comes to queries…the updates/inserts are considered ‘action’ queries in that they actually change the data rather than just present the data i.e. find/group/aggregate/match… so perhaps in a way the action queries can be considered a command but… it’s kind of general agreement on terminology and nothing official - - I suppose if you search the MongoDB manual it will tell you what is considered a command…

Hey @Opesanya_Adebayo

Perhaps this from the docs can help