OpenAPI Spec or C# SDK for Atlas API


I am the main contributor of Squidex CMS (a headless CMS) and I would like to allow my users to replace the current full text search with better alternatives. Right now it is based on MongoDB, which does not work pretty good, and I offer alternatives for Azure Cognitive Search and elastic. I also want to support Mongo Atlas Search but I need to create the indexes from code and I do cannot find a SDK for Mongo Atlas.

Is there something that I cannot see?

I cannot edit my own topic. So the question is: Is there a SDK for C# or a OpenAPI spec?

@Sebastian_Stehle Thanks so much for thinking of us. We believe have the best solution for many use cases, however we do not have a very simple SDK that is fully-fleged (see below). You can use the C# driver with the same syntax as any aggregation pipeline.

Alternatively, there is a nascent project from MongoDB Labs that seeks to add more support for C#. You can check out the repo here: GitHub - mongodb-labs/mongo-csharp-search: C# driver extension providing support for Atlas Search. You can feel free to add to it or open issues for functionality that you would like to see, and someone will probably pick it up. Thanks again.

I know the topic. But I am not talking about making the search. I am talking about creating the index.

I mean “I know the library/extension”