Online GUI possibility?

Hello everyone,

Sorry if my problem has been already posted, I have been searching but I have no found something so specific like an Online GUI for MongoDB as alternative to Compass.

I’m just starting the course and I face some problems using Compass, as at my work the port 27017 is forbidden and I have no possibility to open it.

I searched for an online GUI solution and I discovered but it requires a connection string and to whitelist the IP if the database is in a secure network.

Edit: I have tried with following connection string:

But not really sure if it’s correct…

Has someone faced this same problem?

Many thanks in advance for any clue that could help me continue investigating. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Néstor Misut.

Edit2: Does anyone know about an Android alternative? I could connect via my Smartphone in the worst case :confused:

Hmm the part of the command: i believe says what service you are trying to connect to and the port number(27017) and if your work forbids the use of that port then you will just be blocked.
As for how to configure the software you recommend, i have no help sorry :confused:

Thank you @Jordan_07066

The connection string is for the online GUI I found, so I won’t be using that port on my work computer, but the webpage, the online GUI will do.

The problem is that I don’t manage this online GUI to connect properly :frowning:

Thank you again for your answer. ^___^