Online archive doesn't delete rows

I have a mongo collection of about 6B rows that weights about 1.2Tb
I turned Online Archive for this collection.
I waited about 10 days to archive the appropriate data. The status was ‘Archiving’.
Now I have about 600Gb archived data. The status is ‘Idle’.
But the problem is that the original collection wasn’t changed as the data wasn’t deleted.
I’ve been waiting for about a week and nothing changes.
How can I check the exact status of Online Archive?

Hi @Igor_Kazak welcome to the community!

It is possible that the data wasn’t archived due to them not fulfilling the requirements. You might want to inspect the archiving rules (see Edit an Archiving Rule) and double check that everything is set up as expected.

If everything seems to be in order, you might want to contact Atlas support since they will have better visibility into your deployment and will be able to help you further.

Best regards

Hi, thank you.
The data looks good, the only problem is that it exists twice (both db and archive)
I’ve contacted atlas support few days ago and still waiting for response…